Product Design

Design that speaks to users

At Dark Horse, we see product design as more than just good looks. We're all about understanding the user and making things easy for them. By diving deep into research and tweaking designs with feedback, we make sure websites, apps, and software feel right. In today's digital world, our down-to-earth design approach makes sure your tech stands out and truly connects with its users.

What we deliver

UX research & testing

User research involves understanding users' behaviors, needs, and preferences to enhance a product or service. It utilizes methods like interviews, surveys, and usability testing to find pain points, measure user satisfaction, and guide design choices.

User interface design

UI design is about crafting attractive and user-friendly interfaces for digital products like websites and apps. It emphasizes arranging elements, typography, colors, and interactive components to improve usability and create smooth interactions with users.

Website design

Web design involves creating appealing websites that match the brand's identity and cater to the target audience. It includes layout, graphics, responsive design for different devices, and user-friendly features.


These prototypes allow stakeholders to visualize and test the design's functionality and usability, enabling early identification of issues and improvements before investing in full-scale development.

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Product design workflow


We get an understanding of the requirements, product goals, target audience, and use cases.


We conduct user research to understand the needs, pain points, and behaviour of the target audience. Here, we also analyze the competitive landscape and any other information related to the future product.


We map out the user's journey, identifying key touch points and actions within the product. Wireframes are the blueprint that provides a clear, skeletal outline of the product's structure.


We design the visual elements of the interface and create high-fidelity mockups that showcase the final look and feel of the product. Our design team develops interactive prototypes to visualize the user flows and interactions.


We extensively test the prototypes with key stakeholders and potential users. Their insights guide our refinements, and we don't stop until we've achieved a resounding thumbs-up.

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