Brand Identity

We’ll build your brand for a fraction of the cost

Don’t waste $100,000 on a design agency that takes months to assemble a superfluous branding package. Dark Horse delivers branding that looks and feels like a billion-dollar company for a fraction of what design agencies charge.

What is a branding package?

Branding encompasses elements like logo, colors, typography, letterheads, and stationary, contributing to the company's overall image. People form quick judgments about quality based on a company's brand. In a competitive, digital world, strong branding is essential.

Logo design

Creating iconic brand symbols that instantly represent and distinguish a brand's identity, fosters strong recognition among its target audience.

Colors & Typography

Consistent use of colors and typography across various brand materials ensures a cohesive and recognizable visual language that reinforces brand recognition.

Brand visual language

Brand visual language refers to the collection of visual elements, such as logos, colors, typography, imagery, and graphic styles, used consistently across all brand assets.

"Fancy" branding agency process


3-4 months



Fancy design agencies typically take months to conduct research, perform interviews, explore numerous concepts for inspiration, come up with dozens of logo ideas and colors, constantly conduct meetings and calls, etc. We believe this process is wasteful, unnecessary, and costly.

Dark Horse process


~ 3 weeks


< $15 000

Dark Horse offers high-quality products at a significantly lower cost and shorter turnaround time. We provide logo options, color palettes, and typographies, refining until you are satisfied. No fluff, just excellent results in a few weeks.

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Brand identity workflow


We get an understanding of the requirements, product goals, target audience, and how the product will be used. Here, we also analyze the competitive landscape and any other information related to the future product.


We craft numerous logo concepts that capture the very essence and personality of your brand. The final outcome of this stage is a presentation of the logo concepts, along with a recommended brand color scheme.


In this stage, the selected logo and design elements undergo careful refinement to create a unified and compelling brand visual identity. The goal is to establish a consistent and recognizable visual representation that reflects the brand's personality, values, and positioning.

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