A software that makes complex hotel management, supervision, communication, and analysis effortless.

The hotel industry, historically presented with low quality software tools, often defaulted to traditional pen-and-paper methods. Recognizing the need for a seamless, high-quality software, Maitre collaborated with us to create a beautiful product that marries an intuitive interface with robust functionality. Maitre's software now makes the lives of hotel staff significantly easier while giving hotel management groups insight and data to their hotel staffs' performance.

We began this project with a targeted and limited scope, focusing on automating room allocation and cleaning management. As the platform evolved, we built out additional features, creating a comprehensive software that helps staffs run smoothly and efficiently throughout the hotel.

Our process

We took a highly iterative approach to our design and development process. As we gained more feedback from users regarding the experience as well as additional features that would improve the value to various stakeholders, we expanded the scope and feature suite of Maitre.


1 Web platform

Elegant yet easy-to-use solution with robust capabilities The Maitre web platform delivers a suite of robust and customizable functions tailored to the high demands of hotel managers and housekeeping staff. While the user interface presents a straightforward design, it has an intricate internal logic, resulting in maximum ease, efficiency, and productivity of hotel staffs. This sophistication is born from our professional expertise and deep dive into the daily operations of hotel staff, from shift start to end.

Mobile app
Clear and seamless experience

The beauty of the mobile interface is that it presents the information with clarity and simplicity, which allows staff to promptly handle urgent tasks with ease. Meanwhile, managers have the luxury of receiving comprehensive data on their devices, complementing the web platform and ensuring they're always informed.

A room attendant views rooms in the cleaning order. The room details have just a couple of prominent action buttons that allow her to do the job with ease.

Room attendant

Managers monitor room statuses and can swiftly find the necessary room, inspect and rate the cleaning via a straightforward interface.

Housekeeping manager

3 Integrations

Integrations with property management and scheduling systems It was no small feat to deliver seamless connectivity while cutting through the complexity of outdated and convoluted APIs of some systems. Nevertheless, we've engineered the software to interact effortlessly with multiple systems and ensured that hotel operations are synchronized, streamlined, and intelligent.


Every hotel is different

During the design stage, we recognized that each hotel, while sharing common operational methods, has its own distinct way of managing properties and workflows. These variations required a solution beyond the typical one-size-fits-all approach.

Powerful customization

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