A web-based software for the financial political campaign reporting in North Carolina.

Among available solutions for campaign finance filing in North Carolina, there was no player that would provide candidates with efficient and affordable software. Available limited software left local political candidates, county parties, political volunteers, and their families one on one with election bureaucracy.

Our Process

In our discovery process, we work closely with stakeholders to deeply understand their industry-specific challenges. By delving into each project's nuances, we gain a thorough understanding of its complexities. This enables us to foresee and overcome potential obstacles, delivering solutions that are both customized and resilient against industry-specific issues.

We carefully design the software's architecture, prioritize features, and set a clear timeline, emphasizing cost transparency. This aligns every decision with the project's goals and budget, keeping you well-informed about the financial aspects for confident decision-making.

We started by diving deep into the existing solution. Through several design iterations, from early wireframes to interactive prototypes, we refined our approach. ElectaFile became a standout improvement, offering users an experience that was both more intuitive and user-friendly.

We successfully delivered the agreed-upon MVP scope and launched ElectaFile. Throughout the development phase, our focus was on ensuring quality and functionality. By taking a rigorous approach to coding and testing, we transformed the MVP into a robust, scalable solution, ready to serve its users.

Up to this day, Dark Horse provides extensive post-release services, from addressing bugs to adding features. We ensure the platform stayed up-to-date, efficient, and operated at its best.



Brand identify

ElectaFile's visuals echo its core: NC election finance. The US national colors blend with NC landmarks, and square shapes symbolize reporting forms.



ElectaFile streamlines reporting, optimizing existing workflows for swifter, hassle-free compliance, ensuring seamless user experience.



ElectaFile's website showcases its distinct edge, closely mirroring its design ethos while effectively highlighting the software's key benefits.

Brand identity
ElectaFile's signature look

ElectaFile's branding encapsulates its mission: seamless financial reporting for North Carolina elections.

Drawing inspiration from the patriotic hues of the US national palette, we crafted a distinct visual narrative. Iconic landmarks from North Carolina cities grace the background, while square motifs underline the software's focus on streamlined reporting forms and documents.

Redefining campaign financial reporting softwares

ElectaFile redefines the reporting experience, minimizing user effort and ensuring seamless compliance with the State Board of Elections.

By dissecting and enhancing the workflows of pre-existing solutions, our primary focus remained unwavering: a software experience that's both faster and more intuitive. ElectaFile stands as a testament to user-centric development, prioritizing ease at every step.

Showcasing ElectaFile's digital presence

Anchored in ElectaFile's strong brand and software design, we crafted a website that's both user-friendly and informative. For this new product, it was essential to clearly highlight its features and benefits. We ensured every visitor instantly grasps the power and ease ElectaFile brings to election reporting.

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