About us

Your technology partner that delivers exceptional products with maximum productivity and quality.

Our value proposition

We deliver world-class software and websites on time, within budget, and atan unbeatable price.

Our History

Dark Horse was conceived out of a deep-seated frustration. Our journey in developing our application was marred by a disheartening experience with a development firm that failed to meet its lofty promises. After half a year and considerable financial investment, we were left without a functioning product. Realizing that such experiences were not unusual in the tech development landscape, we refused to conform to this norm. This led us to take decisive action by founding Dark Horse, a venture born from our resolve to challenge the status quo.

Culture values

Pursue excellence

We want to be the best in the world at what we do, both as a team and as individuals and understand that excellence builds genuine happiness.

Action, feedback, iterate

We believe that success comes from the process of acting, receiving feedback, and iterating – repeatedly. With this process, almost anything is achievable.

Customer-service focus

In an industry where customer service is lacking, excellence in customer-service gives us the opportunity to dominate the market.

No shortcuts

We don’t take shortcuts - we do things the right way. We do the little things right, consistently, every day, which allows us to get the big things right.

Over communicate

Open and direct communication is critical to our success. We constantly communicate to make sure problems are identified and resolved as quickly as possible.

Craftsmanship & quality

We’re obsessed with quality and take immense pride in the products that we build.

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